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1 POD Public Toilet (40Kb)
2 POD Public Toilet (40Kb)
2 POD Public Toilet Timber Clad (36Kb)
2 Team Changing (312Kb)
2 Team Changing & Social Area (356Kb)
2 Team Changing Room Sitecab (32Kb)
3 POD Public Toilet & Janitors Area (745Kb)
4 Team Changing (409Kb)
4 Team Changing & Social Area (455Kb)
5 POD Public Toilet (51Kb)
Apex Chalet Style Cricket Pavilion (24Kb)
Apex Fuelsafes 1000 (187Kb)
Apex Fuelsafes 250 (210Kb)
Apex Fuelsafes 500 (213Kb)
Apex Kiosk 4mx2.5m (53Kb)
Apex Kiosk 5m x 3m (63Kb)
Apex Modular Bowls Club House 01 (240Kb)
Apex Modular Bowls Clubhouse 02 (288Kb)
Apex Modular Contractors Building (353Kb)
Apex Modular Cricket Pavilion & Verandah (43Kb)
Apex Modular Man Shed (117Kb)
Apex Modular Sketch 1 (139Kb)
Apex Modular Sketch 2 (181Kb)
Apex Modular Visitor Center (147Kb)
Apex Modular Visitor Center (147Kb)
Apex Sitecab Bowls Pavilion (304Kb)
Apex Sitecab Canteen Cabin Cedar Clad (63Kb)
Apex Sitecab Park Attendants Hut (202Kb)
Apex Sitecab Toilet Block (47Kb)
Apex Toolsafe 108 (95Kb)
Apex Workshop & Welfare Facilities (290Kb)
Apex_Chalet_Style_Cricket_Pavilion_Web04.pdf (24Kb)
Apex_Modular_Cricket_Pavilion_Web03.pdf (43Kb)
Attendants Cabin (161Kb)
Bandstand 1010 (104Kb)
Bandstand 1212 (105Kb)
Bandstand 1818 (106Kb)
Bandstand Circular (102Kb)
Bandstand Hexagonal (118Kb)
Bikesafe LH (68Kb)
Bikesafe Standard (130Kb)
Bikesafe_LH.pdf (68Kb)
Bikesafe_RH.pdf (68Kb)
Bund 1 Drum (89Kb)
Bund 2 Drum (86Kb)
Bund 3 Drum (88Kb)
Bund 4 Drum (87Kb)
Bund 6 Drum (90Kb)
Bund 8 Drum (92Kb)
Bunker One Piece (84Kb)
Bunker Wall Detail A4 Elevations (21Kb)
Bunker Wall Detail A4 Plan (20Kb)
Bunker Walls 1.8m High (241Kb)
Bunker Walls 2.4m High (241Kb)
Bunker Walls 3.0m High (227Kb)
Canoe Store (172Kb)
Canteen Cabin 248 (27Kb)
Canteen Office Drying Room (43Kb)
Chalet Style Cricket Pavilion (24Kb)
Chemsafe 1300 (159Kb)
Chemsafe 1300 basic (119Kb)
Chemsafe 1300 full spec (180Kb)
Chemsafe 1500 (154Kb)
Chemsafe 1500 basic (119Kb)
Chemsafe 1500 full spec (173Kb)
Chemsafe 2300 basic (117Kb)
Chemsafe 2300 full spec (173Kb)
Chemsafe 2300 Full Spec (173Kb)
Chemsafe 3000 basic (118Kb)
Chemsafe 3000 full spec (174Kb)
Chemsafe 3000 Full Spec (174Kb)
Chemsafe 4000 basic (128Kb)
Chemsafe 4000 full spec (184Kb)
Chemsafe 4000 FULL SPEC (184Kb)
Chemsafe 440 basic (96Kb)
Chemsafe 440 full spec (161Kb)
Chemsafe 440 Standard (125Kb)
Chemsafe 5000 basic (128Kb)
Chemsafe 5000 Full Spec (186Kb)
Chemsafe 5000 full spec (186Kb)
Chemsafe 6000 basic (128Kb)
Chemsafe 6000 full spec (187Kb)
Chemsafe 9000 basic (129Kb)
Chemsafe 9000 full spec (189Kb)
Chemsafe 9000 Full Spec (189Kb)
Classic Picnic Table (93Kb)
Composting Toilet (17Kb)
Concept Park Home (366Kb)
Cricket Pavilion & Verandah (39Kb)
Cricket Pavilion as Brochure (252Kb)
Cricket Pavilion ECB Design (324Kb)
Door & Window Brochure (376Kb)
Drop in Youth Centre (44Kb)
Drumsafe 16 (174Kb)
Drumsafe 2 (191Kb)
Drumsafe 2 Lid (149Kb)
Drumsafe 24 (200Kb)
Drumsafe 24 and 32 (2Kb)
Drumsafe 32 (207Kb)
Drumsafe 4 (182Kb)
Drumsafe 8 (173Kb)
Drumsafe_2.pdf (191Kb)
Empties Bin (107Kb)
External Claddings & Roof Options (4.97Mb)
Fishing Hut (511Kb)
Fuel Bowser 250 (168Kb)
Fuel Tank 1000 (185Kb)
Fuel Tank 250 (187Kb)
Fuel Tank 500 (189Kb)
Fuel_Tank_1000.pdf (185Kb)
Fuel_Tank_250.pdf (187Kb)
Fuel_Tank_500.pdf (189Kb)
Gantry for Skip Access (166Kb)
Garage & Welfare Building 28518 (29Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 15 Bottles (117Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 25 Bottles (119Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 45 Bottles (122Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 45 Bottles (122Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 6 Bottles (117Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 65 Bottles (126Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 8 Bottles (117Kb)
Gas Bottle Store 9 Bottles (117Kb)
Gate House Cedar Clad (22Kb)
Gillie's Hut (43Kb)
Grandstand 100 Seater (274Kb)
Grandstand 50 Seater (234Kb)
Greenkeepers Building 5918 (252Kb)
Groundsmans Building 27518 (190Kb)
Grouse Moor Tea Hut (35Kb)
Halfway House as Brochure (188Kb)
JHWEBCHANG201201 2 Team (209Kb)
JHWEBCHANG201204 2 Team & Social Area (260Kb)
JHWEBCHANG201205 4 Team (231Kb)
JHWEBCHANG201208 4 Team & Social Area (269Kb)
Lance Transit Box LT1 - Standard (111Kb)
Lance Transit Box LT2 - Standard (111Kb)
Link Unit 108 Extra Wide (116Kb)
Link Unit 134 (111Kb)
Link Units 108 (115Kb)
Link Units 88 (107Kb)
Model 24 x 4 Module End Doors (240Kb)
Modern Park Home (358Kb)
Modular Control Cabin (37Kb)
Modular Garage & Welfare 28524 (32Kb)
Modular Groundsmans Building (23Kb)
Modular Park Depot Building Drawing (44Kb)
Modular Welfare Building (45Kb)
Modular Workshop 1818 (22Kb)
Modular Workshop 27524 (27Kb)
Modular Youth Centre (677Kb)
Mono Pitch Bird Hide 5/25 (146Kb)
Mono Pitch Bird Hide 8/5 (144Kb)
Mono Pitch Bird Hide Enclosed (168Kb)
Park Cafe Building (58Kb)
Plant Nursery Retail Outlet (25Kb)
Sailing Club Clubhouse (68Kb)
Seating Area as Brochure (121Kb)
Sitebox 4' Standard (130Kb)
Sitebox 5' Standard (124Kb)
Sitebox 6' Standard (124Kb)
Sitecab 2410 Welfare Cabin (35Kb)
Sitecab Changing Room 2 team (32Kb)
Sitecab Welfare 2410 (35Kb)
Sports Pavilion Elevations (75Kb)
Sports Pavilion Plan (85Kb)
Spraysafe 1300 (151Kb)
Spraysafe 1300 basic (119Kb)
Spraysafe 1300 full spec (170Kb)
TB15 (15Kb)
TB15.pdf (15Kb)
TB30 (15Kb)
TB30.pdf (15Kb)
TB40 (15Kb)
TB40.pdf (15Kb)
TBM (15Kb)
TBM.pdf (15Kb)
TBS (15Kb)
TBS.pdf (15Kb)
Toilet & Shower Block (100Kb)
Traditional Park Home (367Kb)
Truck Box 4' (158Kb)
Truck Box 5' (154Kb)
Truck Box 6' (157Kb)
Trucksafe 2 (149Kb)
Trucksafe 3 (148Kb)
Trucksafe 4 (148Kb)
Trucksafe 5 (144Kb)
Trucksafe 6 (144Kb)
TS Maxi 15 (230Kb)
TS Maxi 20 (232Kb)
TS Model 108 (250Kb)
TS Model 126 (224Kb)
TS Model 128 (249Kb)
TS Model 148 (248Kb)
TS Model 168 (251Kb)
TS Model 188 (247Kb)
TS Model 208 (249Kb)
TS Model 66 (216Kb)
TS Model 96 (219Kb)
Universal 180 (172Kb)
Universal 270 (168Kb)
Universal 350 (167Kb)
Universal 550 (167Kb)
Universal 700 (167Kb)
Universal Special (121Kb)
Visitor Center & Deck (102Kb)
Visitor Center & Deck (102Kb)
WebBird_Hide01.pdf (146Kb)
WebBird_Hide02.pdf (144Kb)
Webbirdhide03.pdf (168Kb)
Weighbridge Cabin (234Kb)
Windsor Bridge 14m (289Kb)
Work Bench as brochure (15Kb)
Work_Bench_as_brochure.pdf (15Kb)
Work_Bench_as_brochure.pdf (15Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 332 (17Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 342 (18Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 432 (17Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 442 (18Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 532 (17Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 542 (17Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 632 (17Kb)
Workshop Cabinet 642 (17Kb)
Youth & Leisure Brochure (2.52Mb)
What Our Customers Say

The addition of the two new buildings has significantly improved the grounds operation area allowing us to fully to comply with our health and safety obligations. As well as meeting the legal side the buildings offer first class garage accommodation to high value kit which would otherwise deteriorate quickly sitting outside.

Alan Ferguson Head of Grounds & Estates, National Football Centre.

We have had many Sitesafe products over a number of years. We find Sitesafe helpful with the initial design through to installation and their products have proved to be robust.

K. Chant, Bristol City Council

Cleveland Sitesafe have provided Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve with three anti-vandal steel hides built to our specification, they have proved to be very successful and stood up to attempted vandalism with little damage, they are also cheaper than similar sized wooden structures and a lot easier to keep clean and maintain.

Steve Wadsworth Senior Warden Aire Valley Reserves

Excellent company to do business with.

Westbrook Hay School Hemel Hempstead

Since we opened the new visitor centre at Potteric Carr we have seen a significant increase in visitor numbers, people are amazed to hear the story of how the building was constructed and also our staff and volunteers love their new working environment. Working with Joe and his colleagues was a real pleasure and through practical and realistic discussions around project design and procurement, we were able to meet both our budget and open on time.

Andrew Dalton, Potteric Carr Programme Manager, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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